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*How's the purchasing process?

- Few simple processes:

1-Send a contact mail informing the items that you are concerned about. 

2- You will receive an offer with the quotation for the machines or tooling that you have requested.
  - FOB SHANGHAI: SANLI will run with transport up to the vessel indicated by the buyer. (Free on Board)
  - CFR: SANLI runs with transport of the goods up to the destination seaport agreed by the customer. (Cost and Freight)
  - CIF: SANLI will run with all expenses, including shipment and insurance until the goods are at the destination seaport. the beneficiary will be the purchaser.

3- If you are agree with the quotation, please send us a confirmation email of accept the offer. We will then as soon as possible prepare a proforma invoice for you with all the purchasing terms on it and the banking details where you will be able to transfer the money into.

4- Once this payment has been made, by bank transfer or L/C, we will then proceed with delivery according to the terms agreed in the proforma: FOB, CFR or CIF.

5- Once the goods are shipped, we will proceed to the mailing of the requirement documents (invoice, delivery notes, B/L, insurance etc. for the customs clearance.)

6- Contact between SANLI and the customers is constant until the machines are at the customers' facilities.

*What happens if we've never before imported a machine from any other country?
- In SANLI we've experienced forwarder and agent partners who will help the customer in every procedure in case he needs it.

*What happens if machine breaks down?
- The customer will always be assisted by a service team from SANLI whenever the supports is needed. And 90% of incidences are solved out on the phone, mail, Skype or videoconferencing in less than 24hours.                                            

*What happens if such an incidence requires the presence of a technician?
- In case of needing technician assistance, we may as well send a technician to the customer's facilities.

*How can I contact the Technical Assistance Service?
- Mail, chat, telephone, skype or videoconferencing.

*How about the guaranty?
- The first guaranty, second & third year Warranty and life time services is enjoyed by the customers.

*What does guaranty comprise?
- Guaranty comprises any manufacturing default, excluding mishandling. Labor and travels for an eventual replacement are not included in this guaranty.

*What happens if the machine gets damaged during shipment?
All machines delivered by SANLI with CIF have got insurance cover, or SANLI will assist client to arrange the insurance.

*Will SANLI arrange transport?
- SANLI will arrange transport up to final destination, whenever the customers request. There is also the possibility for the customer to arrange the shipment himself with his own agency.

*Can SANLI send a machine door-to-door? 
- In 80 % of the countries, there is no problem in doing so, in the other ones it is advisable for the customer to arrange it himself since it would be more economic.

*Would SANLI send a machine to any country in the world?
 - Yes, to any country with no exception.

*How long does it take to get spare parts or supplies in case of need?
- It would take 4 days as much, it would be sent either by DHL/ UPS or TNT.

*How do we know where our machine is?
- Every parcel or machine is given a tracking number which allows it to be controlled by internet whenever required.

*How long does it take for a machine to reach my country and to which seaports can it be sent?
- We will keep info the forwarder to send us the transit time and the different seaports for each country.

*How are the machines packed?
- All machines SANLI are optional packed on top of metal and wooden pallets, covered by metal form and triple cardboard waterproof case which is suitable for sea freight. In case the customers request.